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Woodland Russell uses human-centered design, modern technologies, and analytics to create accessible, delightful digital experiences.

About Woodland Russell

Human Centered Design

Technology should enhance human engagement. We start with questions like how can we make your customers or employees happier, and then we design and build software that does just that.

Modern Development Technologies

What worked a year ago often won’t work today, so our engineers maintain cutting edge standards. Agile, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Code Generators, Automated Deployments, Multiple Language Capabilities.

Accessible and Inclusive

All software and apps must be accessible to everyone, because today we live in the digital world as much as the analog world. We offer IAAP-certified assessments to the latest standards and full site remediation.

Strategic Thinking

The most important step of any engagement takes place before any design or development begins. As business experts with diverse backgrounds, we help companies review, ideate, and plan for wins.

Woodland Russell in the Wild

Our products are used by some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world.

  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Citi
  • CVS
  • ConnectYourCare
  • Microsoft



Faster Fin-Tech

We worked with ConnectYourCare, a $200MM rapid growth fin-tech company, to redesigned their mobile and web apps to save millions of hours of healthcare claim transaction time and to be compliant with the latest accessibility standards.

By using analytics to identify user preferences and define key activities, we automated tasks and created predictive mechanisms to save users time.

Since these products are used at Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Citi, we built them to meet the strictest global security and privacy standards.


LP Corp

Optimizing Asset Tracking

LP Corp is a $3 billion company that manufactures advanced building products. With two dozen mills and multiple R&D centers around the country, they needed a way to track assets through a complex, nation-wide supply chain.

We analyzed LP’s current processes to identify fail points and opportunities, devised a way to customize off-the-shelf asset tracking software to create visibility into each step of the process, and automate communications between locations, while publishing real-time tracking data for all stakeholders.

LP Corp

Narus Health

Visionary Palliative Healthcare App

Narus asked our team to build a visionary palliative care app with a feel-good user experience for chronically ill patients and their caregivers.

We worked hard to make this product simple and intuitive for non-traditional app users. It was imperative that it didn’t feel “clinical” or “cold” like so much med-tech is. Our goal was to make the experience fun and engaging as a way to encourage and strengthen the relationship between patients and caregivers.

LP Corp


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